Ecotourism in Ethiopia

Why You Should Consider Traveling And Trekking In Wild Africa

Africa is an unparalleled region of ostensible beauty, enriched with extensive landscapes, archaic cultures, and some of the globe's famous wildlife. Explorers and adventurous travelers are often intrigued by Africa's ubiquity, graced with iconic wetlands, extensive savannas, sandy deserts, snowcapped mountains, great river channels, and palm-studded and sunkissed beaches. The region is vibrant and full of eye-catching activities, making the continent a tourism hub. As a tourist, you will be able to see wildlife migration, visualize rare primates, trek through the massive forest in search of unique fauna and flora, and be part of a lifetime safari in search of the renowned Big five wildlife.

See Lions Climbing Trees in Lake Manyara

28 Nov 2021

The beautiful Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania is the place to see the king of the jungle in the most unusual setting: relaxing in amongst the branches of the many trees in the Park. Here they can benefit from the cool breeze and observe their prey unnoticed.

African Ecotourism: Saving Wildlife and Animal Habitats

14 Oct 2021

To preserve local ecosystems and wildlife, many African countries are promoting ecotourism as a viable alternative to traditional modes of travel. In Gabon, for example, this environmentally responsible approach to tourism is aiding in the preservation of the country’s temperate rainforests and large gorilla population.

5 of the Best Ways to See the Big Five in Africa

19 Sep 2021

The Big Five Africa are large mammals found in Africa that will bring excitement to your safari. The term refers to the following animals:

  • Lions
  • African buffalo
  • Leopards
  • Rhinoceroses
  • Elephants

The term was developed back in the 1800s by trophy hunters, who considered these animals the most challenging and difficult to hunt. Unfortunately, the hunting of these animals has made them become endangered species. Growth in global tourism has promoted immense popularity for these animals. You can get many items and souvenirs, which are inspired by the Big Five. Even online video slots are inspired by the Big 5, such as Lion Gold and African Quest.

Best Ways to See the Big Five in Africa

Luckily you can find the Big Five in various national parks in African countries, like:

  • Ngorongoro Crater – Tanzania
  • Kruger National Park – South Africa
  • Mana Pools National Park – Zimbabwe
  • Masai Mara National Reserve – Kenya
  • Akagera National Park – Rwanda

The above parks give you a chance to see all the Big Five animals in their natural habitat.

There are five great ways of seeing the Big Five on your next trip to Africa:

1. Travel Package

When booking your travel package, you can decide to include a trip to see the Big Five as part of your travel package. You will often stay in a national park or game reserve with game drives or safari tours calculated into your package. This option is more convenient, especially if you are travelling as a group since it allows for easy coordination.

2. Safari Tours

Book a safari tour in one of the above parks or game reserves. The game tours vary depending on the national park you pick. It's an excellent way to learn more about the Big Five from the tour guide without making your entire trip a safari. After all, Africa also boasts beautiful beaches and lakes, awe-inspiring mountains, and other places to explore.

3. Visiting a national park on your own

The last option is visiting the national park on your own. This is perfect if you have a few minutes to spare on your busy trip. The process is simple. It's just like taking a guided tour of the park. The parks offer different packages ranging from a simple walk in the park or a game drive.

4. Up close at a rescue and conservation centre

I cannot stress enough that these are not zoos or pay-to-pet tourist traps. Genuine conservation centres rescue animals from these situations. This is ideal for people who would love to learn about the Big 5 without spending a day in the bush.

5. Volunteer to work in a park or reserve

If you have between a week and three months of time to spend in Africa, you volunteer to work on a game reserve and learn to track, trap, and relocate the Big 5. The Conservation Project at the Kariega Reserve in South Africa is a great example of this.

As you enjoy your Big Five safari in Africa, don't forget to bring back a Big Five souvenir, which you can easily buy at the various national parks.

See African Buffalos Organize Their Herds

22 Aug 2021

African Buffalos are found in a number of locations across Africa and are very adept at surviving in a variety of habitats. During the rainy season, you can expect to see up to 1,000 of these magnificent beasts moving together in a herd to ward off predators.